In the grand tradition of folk music, Myles Mitchell draws listeners into rich stories which transport us through time and space with the whims of an unencumbered musical imagination. His distinctive blend of indie folk and hip-shaking alternative blues is infused with humour and exuberance, known to provoke dancing, merriment and revelry.

As a self-managed touring artist performing 50+ shows a year and receiving radio airplay across Australia (including Triple J, and independent radio stations around the country), Mitchell’s music is heard far and wide.

Born out of the Perth blues scene and schooled on tour in the USA, Mitchell distils a rich array of life experiences and global excursions into this deeply Australian musical experience. Now based in Denmark, Western Australia, Myles is part of the rich creative fabric of the South Coast music scene.

Myles describes his song-writing process thusly – “As songwriters, we dance on the shoulders of giants, taking all the music we have ever heard, blending it with our own experiences and stories, and creating something new. The song-writing process for me, is about making space in my life to be creative with my instrument and my voice, and letting the rest take care of itself. I never set out to ‘write a song’, I just enjoy creating, and the songs take care of themselves. I love to tell stories through song”.  

Mitchell’s songwriting has been described by Aurora Magazine as “worldly, wise, relevant, sexy, surprising and downright fun”. He brings a wealth of experience to his first year facilitating workshops for FolkWorld.