Alexander Turner is an emerging Boorloo / Perth based musician. Growing up with folk music through their involvement in Fairbridge Festival since 2010, they now perform locally with Be Gosper in the folk duo, The Happy Girls.

Photo by Person Name

Writing, collaborating, producing and performing across a variety of sound and interdisciplinary projects, Turner’s creative practice is a sprawling affair strung together by the storytelling traditions of folk musics. Alexander graduated with a BA (Hons) in Composition and Music Tech from WAAPA in 2017, and has performed and exhibited their work at Fairbridge Festival, Nannup Festival, Nanga Festival, Totally Huge New Music Festival, Audible Edge, Fringeworld, and WAMfest. Their work will be included in Perth Festival, 2021 season. 

Alex has been facilitating for FolkWorld since 2016 and they are excited to be back for another year.